alycia (nyjeter02) wrote in aaliyah_tribute,

A word from the moderator...

Hello to all my aaliyah fans...

First of all, a great apology to you all for my lack of authority in this community. I just recently figured out how to manage this community on the new lj system and have tweaked it with a new lay out and icons. I have also deleted some spam entries. And now I say this: anyone who posts in here MUST post about aaliyah. Whether it is a picture or your favorite lyrics, it must pertain to aaliyah. No longer with entries about some new community or free anything be acceptable. The next people/members to do it, will be deleted from the community.

.. With that said, it looks as if 5 Virgin stores are carrying Aaliyah t-shirts across the country. If you live by any of them (Two in New York, one in Ontario and one in Pheonix that I can remember) be sure to go there and support babygirl! For more information, please visit the one and only site for great aaliyah news,

Thank you to those who brought it to my attention. If there is anything else you would like to see in the community, please feel free to post a comment either here or at my personal journal. Thank you!
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